Junior Research Group "Intestinal Microbiome"

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Clavel

Dr. Thomas Clavel

Head of the Junior Research Group "Intestinal Microbiome"
Research Center for Nutrition and Food Sciences

The intestinal tract of mammals harbors diverse and complex bacterial communities. However, the symbiotic to pathogenic relationships between host and bacteria, and the underlying influence of bacterial activities on host functions, are still largely unknown. Nutritional factors are also intrinsic elements of the intestinal ecosystem and interact with both host and bacterial cells. To understand the human intestinal ecosystem and its implication in terms of health maintenance, bacteriological studies are essential.

The ZIEL Junior Research Group "Intestinal Microbiome” is headed by Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Clavel. Research activities are focused on the study of intestinal bacteria in humans and in mouse models of diseases.

Group Intestinal Microbiome


Sarah Just (PhD student)
Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Clavel (group leader)
Caroline Ziegler (technician)
Sabrina Cabric (technician)

Main research interests include:

  • Isolation and taxonomic characterization of novel intestinal bacteria.
  • Diversity and functional analysis of gut samples using high-throughput techniques (sequencing, mass spectrometry).
  • Interactions between dietary components (polyphenols, scleroglucan) and the gut microbial ecosystem.
  • Role of microbial triggers (e.g. heat shock proteins) in inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Molecular screening methods for identification of active microbial metabolites and peptides (functional metagenomic, phage display)