Team Public Health Nutrition

M.Sc. Birgit Kaiser

Birgit graduated in Public Health (MPH) and is currently a PhD candidate in the Research Group Public Health Nutrition at the ZIEL - Institute for Food & Health of the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

She started of doing her bachelor’s degree in the field of occupational therapies. Gaining practical experience during her different internships at pediatrics, gerontology and neurological rehabilitation centers. She attended her bachelor’s degree (BSc) at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in 2016. In the same year she started her master’s degree in Public Health at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich. During her studies she completed an internship at the Institute for Medical Information Processing, Biometry and Epidemiology (IBM). At the IBM she also did her master thesis using a qualitative approach and focusing on parents’ perspectives on healthy neighborhoods.

After acquiring her master’s degree (MPH) in 2018, she joint the Chair of Nutritional Physiology as a PhD candidate. Her PhD project is based in the enable Cluster, a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).  Within the project she focuses on personalized nutrition and integrating personalized nutrition into smartphone application as well as designing user friendly interfaces.

M.Sc. Julia Blaurock

Julia holds a master’s degree in Public Health (MPH) and is currently a PhD candidate in the working group Public Health Nutrition at TUM’s ZIEL - Institute for Food & Health.

Prior to her master studies, she studied Business Administration (B.Sc.) at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. During her studies, she gained insights into health economics.

During her master studies, she did an internship at the Institute of Health Economics and Health Care Management at Helmholtz Zentrum where she wrote her master thesis on the topic “Validity, Reliability and Responsiveness of the EQ-5D-Y for children and adolescents with inflammatory bowel diseases”.

Currently, she is working for the EU-funded Food Nutrition Security (FNS) Cloud project. Within this project, 36 European institutions and organisations are aiming to implement existing and newly collected data from the fields of nutrition, health, consumer behaviour, agriculture and bio-economy in an open cloud solution. The goal is to strengthen international and interdisciplinary scientific collaboration and to use FNS data more efficiently, thus helping the food industry to make progress towards a more sustainable production and helping consumers to make better informed and healthier nutritional decisions.

M.Sc. Nadine Ohlhaut

Nadine graduated in Nutrition Science and is currently a PhD candidate in the Research Group Public Health Nutrition at the ZIEL - Institute for Food & Health of the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

She started her academic career with a bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science (TUM) and obtained her bachelor's degree in 2017, followed by a master's degree in Nutrition and Biomedicine in March 2020 (TUM). During her studies she was continuously involved in university politics as a student representative on a voluntary basis. In addition, she worked as an undergraduate assistant in the ZIEL administration office. During her master studies she conducted a research internship at the Translational Research Institute in Brisbane/ Australia, where she investigated the influence of infiltrating immune cells on the survival rate of esophageal cancer patients. As part of her master's thesis she developed strategies and guidelines for the recruitment of volunteers for nutritional studies.

After finishing her master's degree, she started her PhD in the Research Group Public Health Nutrition and now cooperates in the management of the 3rd Bavarian Food Consumption Survey (BVS III).

M.Sc. Sebastian Gimpfl

Sebastian graduated in Biomedicine and Nutrition at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and is now a PhD candidate in the Research Group Public Health Nutrition at the ZIEL -Institute for Food & Health of the TUM.

Before his Master’s studies, Sebastian studied ‘Ernährungswissenschaft‘(Nutrition Sciences) at the TUM. During his studies, he developed a strong interest in the connection of health and nutrition. Further, the promotion of health on an individual basis as well as on a broader scale has sparked his fascination. Sebastian acquired a wide variety of experience during his different internships and occupations, including insight into molecular nutrition, molecular nutritional medicine, pediatrics, and scientific research with mice.

Sebastian did his Master’s Thesis at Chair of Molecular Nutritional Medicine (TUM) on the peculiarities of mitochondrial calcium stores and he contributed to the elucidation of their potential influence on cross-cell information transfer via a hypothesized quantum mechanical mechanism.

After finishing his Master's degree, he started his PhD candidacy and is now in the Research Group Public Health Nutrition. For his PhD project, Sebastian manages the German branch of the Food & You study, which was originally started by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland. The study analyzes the individual glycemic response after a meal based on a multitude of factors to gain new insight into feasible approaches on personalized nutrition.