Overlapping genes: Functional characterization

Functional characterization of overlapping genes in bacteria

Group leader until 2021:
PD Dr. Klaus Neuhaus (ZIEL Core Facility Microbiome / NGS)

The coding density of protein coding genes in prokaryotic genomes is probably much higher than previously assumed. Apart from unknown intergenic genes, in some surprising cases the same DNA sequence encodes two proteins in different reading frames (overlapping genes). 

Research on overlapping genes in bacteria is in its infancy and their evolution is an enigma open to scientific investigation. We use experimental approaches to elucidate presence, expression and function of overlapping genes. Such knowledge is important for understanding the de novo origin and evolution of such fascinating gene pairs

The project started within the Priority Program „Information- and communication theory in molecular biology” (InKoMBio SPP 1395) using an interdisciplinary approach which involved the TUM (Chair of Microbial Ecology, Prof. Siegfried Scherer), Konstanz University (Chair of Data Analysis and Visualization, Prof. Daniel Keim) and Ulm University (Chair “Telecommunications and Applied Information Theory“, Prof. Martin Bossert).


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