ZIEL Academy

Team Akademie

The ZIEL Academy offers a further training programme that takes current developments and findings in the field of nutritional and food research as its starting point. Scientific symposia and seminars promote information exchange between academia and the food industry. The participants at such events benefit from first-hand knowledge, whether it is in the form of well-founded summaries by top-class researchers or recommendations from experts working in industry, consultancy or the scientific world.

The main target audience of the ZIEL Academy are those working within the food and retail industries, as well as experts in the field of nutritional and health consultancy.

The ZIEL Academy brings together skills from a range of scientific disciplines at the TU München’s Weihenstephan site: the Academy’s staff is made up of renowned experts in the fields of nutritional physiology, nutritional medicine, pathophysiology, food chemistry, food technology and food law. Participants in the Academy’s programme benefit directly from the specialist knowledge of leading scientists, physicians, economists and marketing experts, as well as industry representatives, consultants and lawyers.

Website: ZIEL Academy